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Sidewinder. Your cable-pulling sidekick.

Progress reports, real-time updates, intelligent work-packs, detailed project history, charting of key metrics... it's all there. Sidewinder provides all the information and intelligence you need to efficiently, accurately and proactively manage a cabling project.

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Email [email protected] and request a free demo of the Sidewinder cable management solution.

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No more paper.

Sidewinder is digital — your entire cable project is available online through a secure website, anywhere in the world, any time of day or night.

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Meet targets.

Sidewinder's intelligent progress reporting allows you to easily track the progress of your project. This means you can set goals and be sure when you've achieved them.

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Faster rework.

Rework happens. It's a fact. Sidewinder shows you the complete history for each cable so you can identify the technicians most familiar and best-suited to the job.

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Go mobile.

The Sidewinder app allows you to view and update the cable schedule remotely. Changes are reflected instantly to the database and synchronised across your team.

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Partial runs.

Track and record the progress of a cable run through penetrations. Never again lose a cable, or run the same cable twice.

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Import (and export).

Download your cable schedule as a Microsoft Excel-compatible spreadsheet at any time. Sidewinder also generates beautiful PDFs.

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Visualise progress. Generate reports.

Sidewinder creates powerful reports showing key metrics, something that is difficult or time-consuming to do with traditional paper-based cable schedules.

Your customers and stake-holders will appreciate the transparency and detail provided by these reports.

Embedded QR codes. Faster than typing.

Scan a barcoded-cable using the Sidewinder iPhone app and instantly view and update the cable schedule. The entire cable database is synchronized to your device, so WiFi or cellular coverage is not required when working in the field.

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iPhone app screenshot, detailed cable information

Improve efficiency. Go completely mobile.

The Sidewinder iPhone app contains a searchable offline copy of your entire cable database.

This means your project will run more efficiently:

  • Readily-available information streamlines decision making and scheduling of work

  • Improved accuracy with simple automatic checks to help prevent errors

  • Increased visibility and reporting of key metrics helps keep your project on-time and within budget

Sidewinder has been designed to work seamlessly with your existing paper cable schedules (Microsoft Excel format), and to generate printed reports.

Smooth workflows. Never miss a beat.

The Sidewinder iPhone app guides your team through the cable pulling process — from selecting the correct cable type, cutting the appropriate length of cable, and running the cable through the correct penetrations.

This means your team can work more efficiently:

  • Save time looking for critical information

  • Automatic checks prevent simple errors (such as cutting or running the same cable twice)

  • Transparency keep tabs on the progress of your teams

When the status of a cable changes (cut, run, terminated, tested) the information is synchronised between your team members, your site manager and even your head-office. All changes are linked to a person — ideal for quality control purposes, or for targeting rework tasks.

iPhone app screenshot of marking a cable as run

More information

Email [email protected] and request a free demo, or ask for more information about the Sidewinder cable management solution.